Valuing Nature and People to Inform Decision-making

Valuing Nature and People to Inform Decision-making

The course, supported by We Value Nature, follows the steps outlined in the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social & Human Capital Protocol – Frame, Scope, Measure & Value and Apply.

The course will introduce individuals working in the private sector to the fundamental aspects of the capitals approach and provide guidance on where to start when adopting the approach within an organization. This course is introductory and no prior knowledge of natural, social or human capital is required. 

Each module contains multiple instructor-led videos which provide business cases and case studies from leading companies. Interviews with business leaders provide expert insight and best practice to learners and cover the journey organizations have taken to embed the approach across their operations.

The first two modules guide learners through risks and opportunities related to nature, people and society; introduce the concept of a Capitals Approach and present the business case for undertaking an integrated capitals assessment. The third and fourth modules focus specifically on natural capital and how to get started with a natural capital assessment. These modules guide learners along the scoping stage and introduce students to measuring and valuing natural capital.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to have learned about the different capitals, why it is essential to embed them into business decision-making, and how to get started with a capitals assessment. Future course specializations will build upon this introductory course, by providing additional content on social and human capital and allowing the learner to go more in depth with the content and application.